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Reclaimed building materials
We would like to offer you a wide selection of reclaimed building materials in very good prices. We specialize in supplying rare as well as standard materials such as:

1. Upholstery boards
2. Planks from the walls
3. Hand hewn & brushed beams
4. Sawn beams
5. Boards cut from the joists - 5cm thick
6. Boards cut from cut beams
7. Plates with veneer of old wood - 3 layered
8. Brushed floor boards
9. Old 3rd class boards (hardwood, coniferous) - 1-3cm thick
10. Slab plates
11. Corrugated metal sheets
12. Trapezoidal metal sheets
13. Flat metal sheets
14. Bricks 24x6x12 cm
15. Bricks 26x7x13 cm
16. Roof tiles (various types)
17. Granite cubes ~15x20x25 cm (from dismantling of the road)
18. Wall stones
19. Roofing (tiles and sheets)
20. Reclaimed furniture
21. Doors and windows
22. Tiled stoves
23. Steel fences
and everything that you need, we just need a little time to organize it.

Our warehouse is located in Poland, so we were able to reduce labour and storage costs. That's why we offer our goods at very good prices. We sell cleaned and prepared materials (eg boards with edges machined for bonding) for assembly as well as unprocessed materials. We approach each order individually so each customer receive the materials prepared the way he expects it.
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